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BiNeuro - Unique Neural Network Ecosystem, using Blockchain, Data Science (Big Data, Machine Learning) technologies, which increases the advertisement's performance by at least 50%.

Given that a top-level expert in Internet promotion is able to conduct a maximum of 100 advertising campaigns per year, BiNeuro, which has carried out more than 80,000 advertising PPC campaigns in Google since 2009, may, by human standards, be considered a digital expert with 800 years of experience.

BiNeuro is an artificial intelligence that can learn and accumulate experience. The system becomes "smarter" with every Internet advertising campaign.

Your advertising is managed not by a person but by a self-learning neural network - and it is expected to be 50% better than a professional person, an average of 2.23 times.

During the campaign, BiNeuro takes into account from l000 parameters for small customers and up to 300 000 for large online stores and responds to changes in the situation in the 24/7 mode, does not sleep and does not eat, does not go on vacation and on weekends. A person will deal with your company, at best once every few days.


- Analyzes the site and other information received from the user.
- When you connect your account with history, the system analyzes it and includes the history of the account in its "experience".
- Selects from its "experience" successful advertising campaigns with a similar theme.
- Generates a list of monitored parameters for this campaign.
- Creates a basic promotion strategy and passes it to the user for approval.
- Can recommend to the user to add any kinds of advertising materials, based on the successful experience of past campaigns.
- Launches an advertising campaign and begins to bring the values of the monitored parameters to the Target Image.

Packages Ads-BiNeuro is a complex product created by company based on the unique artificial intelligence system BiNeuro together with Premier Partner Google by UCT WORLD CORPORATION.

The Ads-BiNeuro package is designed for businessmen and combines two unique benefits, between which you can choose at any time after purchasing the Package:

1. Stable income - the opportunity to earn on the sale of unique advertising services BiNeuro to other businessmen
2. Development of own business - an opportunity to receive additional income for your business, using high-quality advertising.

The acquisition of the Ads-BiNeuro package allows you to invest in the development of high technology, getting the most demanded business product in the world - advertising in Google, which can be used at any time, by any company anywhere in the world.

Referral Systems

Introducing network structures into a modern business is impossible without a software solution which will help to effectively manage a structure, distribute rewards and provide quality analytics. 

Developing a software of this type from scratch - is an unbearable task for many companies. 

Referral Systems  - is a modern and high-tech solution with unique functionality. 

We offer: 

  • Centralized system for managing a structure:
    • System setup
    • Interaction with a customer 
    • Reward distribution 
    • Keeping a customer informed by all means of communication  
    • Accounting and analysis
    • Payment acceptance 
    • Customer support service 
  • Personal Account:
    • Customer profile 
    • Structure of the user 
    • Personal activity analysis 
    • Informing 
    • Interaction with customer support
  • Administrative control panel:
    • System setup
    • Setup of customer accounts
    • Structural activity analysis 
    • Structural management 
    • Customer support service
    • Managing multi-language capabilities 
  • Multilingual interface.
  • And much more ( more detailed information is available in the description of system capabilities).

All the capabilities of the system are available even with basic rates - you pay more only if you grow. 

In case your needs surpass the framework of the system’s basic capabilities, contact us  - we will gladly help to adjust the system in accordance to your individual requirements and features.